How to tell my mom?

Hi guys I'm pettyicj cousin I'm 14 and i got a boyfriend she use to tell me i can have one but when i get one they only wanted sex and with my ex i almost had sex with him and my mom caught me now i got a boyfriend and he so different than my ex and he don't care about sex at all how can i tell my mom about him and I'm scared how she gonna react


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  • That's a pretty pregnant sentence because it skipped all its periods. :-) Can you rephrase so I can tell what you are talking about?

    And if you are 14, please contact the admins below to have your age changed. It's showing as 18.


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  • Just be open and tell you mom you really like this guy, be honest with your mom. It might not look so but you mom is the first well wisher for you plus she has been through all of this.
    Coming to the point tell her in a subtle way like asking for permission

  • 14 and already have a sex multiple time with an ex?

    Holy fuck-knuckles, what is that weird dimension I just stepped in.

  • Just , tell the truth. Thick positive.

  • 14? Aren't you too young to have a boyfriend?


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