Guys, How To Handle Post Breakup Relationship with A Guy I Still Really Like?

GUYS, I need your advice on this desperately...

For about four months I was dating a guy who I really liked and I know the feeling was mutual. We are both 20. He's dated lots of girls but has never had a serious relationship before and started to freak out as things got more intense between us.

About 2-3 weeks ago, out of the blue, he broke up with me. But within a few days he was texting and calling again, wanting to see me. I agreed to see him and we've basically been getting together daily since then - or should I say "nightly". The idea was to try and remain friends but that lasted about 20 minutes.

We've talked about our situation and basically he told me that he got very confused about his feelings towards me and needed a break, although it obviously didn't last long. Now, he says he does really like me BUT he does not want the responsibility of a relationship. So here we are, hooking up almost nightly and texting/calling all the time -- but no commitment or official relationship status at all.

I'm sad. This is not what I want but its what I'm settling for because I really like him a lot. Would it make a difference if I took a step back and let him think I'm less interested than I really am? Basically playing "hard to get"? I'm not usually a game player and I admit I'm afraid it might backfire on me but I have no other ideas.


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  • If it's not what you want, make it clear to him. Make him aware that he either needs to mature a bit or lose you, and see which he'd rather pick. There are plenty of guys to choose from but time goes by quickly, so don't waste it.


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  • 20 years old kid, that still has a huge way to become mature. But still human, so it's reasonable. You will have to move on if you are searching a real one. I would like to help you through message, but right now i am on work

  • Im going through a similar situation except it never got to sex with us. Everything seemed fine after for 2 months, looked like she was wanting to stay for the long term. Then out of no where. Lack of response from texts. Acting cold towards me when trying to be physical with her. Eventually i asked what was going on and she said that she's not after anything at the moment and is sorry for leading me on. It hurts because i was starting to like her. We had gone through a lot of things i a short period. She got ill and i supported her. Anyway im trying to move on as its never good to feel like this. Its negative and we dont need negativity in our lives. Im going to the gym again as exercise is a natural anti depressant. Youve just got to take one day at a time. You need space from him. You can't be dragged into things while you are in this emotional state. Your mind needs to be clear. Think with your head not your heart.


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