Crush is making me sad/depressed?

I have a crush on this guy at my school, same age, but not in the same classes so I have never talked to him before.
I know I should talk to him or at least do something but I'm just really scared and stuff, apart from that I've got a problem: he makes me depressed and sad.
I mean, it's my mind doing that but he is the cause of it.

When he looks at me or something, I start finding excuses for that (like; he was just looking at you like he would do to anyone else, maybe I have something on my face ETC). I do this with everything that happens that 'could be a sign he likes me or is interested'
I do it because I've been really hurt by crushes in the past by getting hope of them liking me.

Okay so back to the he makes me depressed part, basically I get a low self esteem because of him (or the image of him I have in my head).
He hangs with the cool kids, you know there's always a group of cool kids at your school, well he hangs with them and he's kind (I see it) but he also has (I think) a lot of (cool?) friends and it makes me worried cause he's happy and has a nice life nice family nice everything which is totally great I mean I want him to have that kind of life but I don't have cool friends I just hang out with my classmates, I don't have nice family I don't have nice life I'm 2/3 of the time un- happy...

I get jealous easily even though he isn't mine, and it is just starting to annoy me.
I just want to know if this all is worth it, cause sometimes, I really do think he likes me cause he looks at me a lot, and other times I get sad because I didn't see him looking or something.
Everytime I try to move on something seems to hold into this feeling I have from him and I just want it to be gone..


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  • I'd say throw rock at him. Nah, but to be serious try contacting over social media first? Then try connect abit at school. You're being pessimistic about this, that's not best but I'm no different. You never know what they are thinking. Give it a go ;) Need more advice? Just ask :D

    • Everytime I start thinking positive, I get hope and expectations of them and if the expected doesn't happen I get more sad than when I think pessimistic. So it's a way I chose to think to not get my hopes up. :) thanks tho

    • I'm similar but, you still never know. Gotta try once atleast? Test the water. As I said try social media might be easier? Still it's your choice ;) I just want to push a little bit so you MAY go down a path which you have not traveled before and if it goes wrong lesson learned. Guys are assholes.

    • I know haha, it’s so complicated always :’) thanks for the help tho u really helped me! Will probably follow him online soon!

Most Helpful Girl

  • Talk to him the depression part is you getting scared/nervous... This happend to me all the time with my crush then my friends forced me to talk to him and now we are dating

    • Ahhh that's cute hope this will happen to me one day soon

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  • Than he's not the right one

    • I've had this with every crush so far, it's because I admire them so much and think they're so much "better" than me that I get self conscious. Has nothing to do with being the wrong/right one.

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  • Try to think positive


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