What is the best thing to do for a first date and why?

What is the best thing to do for a first date and why?


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  • First dates set the tone for the rest of proceedings.

    McDonalds and a dvd or Fine dining and a show?

    Do something you both like, that can lead to some romantic moments, then maybe go somewhere quiet and talk for a bit. Hard to come up with any details without knowing more.

    For me it would be soemthing along the line of taking a girl to eat somewhere nice, but not to expensive (just graduated Uni and I'm poor) then maybe a few drinks in a nice quiet pub to chat and get to know her.

    If you already know this person then you may want to spice it up a bit as you probably don't need to find out much more about them etc..


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  • a walk in the park, then you can talk.

    don't go to a movie, you can't really talk and get to know each other

    go canoeing and stop the boat to just talk, enjoy the weather and nature

    that's what I would do

    that's what I usually do

    some times it backfires if the guy isn't into canoeing or walks in the park

    try a nice restaurant with a lake view

    that's nice, and just sit and talk to know each other more

    but don't do movies until the 3rd date, I think...