Why do I get obsessive?

I’ve never really had a serious thing with a guy before. Really, I don’t even want to date them. This is mostly in regards to me wanting friendships. Here we go..
As soon as I meet a guy, I’m obsessed. It’s a big deal if he leaves me on read, and it’s a big deal if he texts back with dry responses. This is something my best friend recently pointed out.. I’m online friends with a guy, and I am constantly worrying about how much he hates me simply because he sometimes doesn’t reply to my texts, even though I know he’s an adult with a girlfriend. The other day, I added a guy on Snapchat and we talked for around 20 minutes about basic stuff. I snapped him yesterday (twice) and he left me on read both times. I freaked out and got super upset. Feeling like “I’m so ugly and he wouldn’t want me anyways:(”. Why am I like this with men I don’t even know? How can I fix it? I’m aware that nobody owes me anything or is obligated to like me back, but I can’t help it.


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