How into me is he?

We've been texting for 5 hours on average every night of the week till 1:30 AM even though he has work in the morning and he ends the conversations with a compliment. We couldn't meet till a specific day because of my schedule but he said he wished it was that day already so I decided to do it a bit earlier than planned. He sent a lot of lengthy texts. During the date he had already ordered a drink I mentioned I liked and the date flowed really nicely. He would brush up against me time to time and lean in a lot. I kept talking about maybe living in a different country and he kept giving me counters for it. He made it clear he was going to pay during the date and at the end of it he opened the door for me and said he wanted to walk me to my car before he gets in a cab. Before we parted ways he kissed me and then pulled me in for a few more kisses before asking me if he'll be seeing me in a few days which is when we planned to meet originally and offered to share a cab but I knew it would be out of the way for him so I said no. I've never done these posts so I'm sorry it's so long!


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  • Completely. Congratulations! Don't throw this opportunity away because he can obviously treat aady


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