So there was a guy at our school who is really handsome and i have known him secretly bc of that. 3 weeks ago we have been talking through snap chat like everyday and then he asked me to go to the movies with him because he doesn't really know me and doesn't really know how i look but i said no and gave some dumb excuses (i said no because in really ugly and chubby while he is really handsome and even he knows that he is handsome) but after i said no he has been acting so cold and we dont talk a lot anymore its like when i send him a snapchat he answers but otherwise he doesn't send one and so we dont talk (like today) but i really like him aaah what should i do?


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  • Don't waste your time neither his, I'd say give it a try and go out with him, if he likes you then okay that's what you want, if he doesn't then you'll have to move on and find another guy

    • But he only sent like 3 snapchats today so I don't know is he losing intrest? He would have texted me otherwise righ? Bc he is online on facebook and not busy

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    • Ok thankss:))

    • You welcome 😊

  • I don't know but movies r a terrible date idea do that wen uve been with them for a while

    • if u mean the movies cause u just sit there and stare at a screen not talking to eachother for 2 hours worst date idea unless ur planning on not watching the movie😉

    • Hahaha no he asked if i wanted to meer him but i said noo thats too awkward and then he said we could go to the cinema then u dont have to talk a lot but i think he just said that because he wanted to see how i look haha and if he is not just wasting his time with me :( sad reality

  • Have some confidence


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