Girls, Why play games with guys?

If you liked somebody then why mess with a guy who likes you? so he could be your last resort?
I met a girl 2 years ago. I asked her to be my girlfriend she said no. Okay I stopped talking to her. She said she liked me and wanted to give it more time. I found out she liked another guy and called him cute. A few month she told me she slept with him. Why didn't she stop talking to me if she liked him? She didn't find me attractive why tell a guy that if he' you? I'm so angry I don't see woman the same anymore. I don't even get aroused by women. I don't even wanna date one anymore.


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  • she was trying to make you understand she doesn't want you.. sadly. Don't lose hope not because a girl played on you does mean that every girl you'll meet will probably do the same. Honestly if I liked a guy I will never never mention other guys to him that's disrespectful and and obvious that she doesn't like you. Move on dude you deserve better


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  • Did you get a girlfriend around that time or flirting with other women?


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