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Alright, so my girlfriend of 4 months is being distant. That's my main problem. Her backstory is a life of pain and abuse, he mom wishes she never had her, her dad drank himself to death, her last boyfriend of 3 years cheated on her, and now there's me. I've never had any huge problems like the ones she's had, I've had a pretty good life, she says she won't talk to me because I can't relate, but I've always been empathetic and I listen to everything she talks about, and I try my best to understand, but I have never really experienced pain like her, how can I help her, how can I be there for her? Please I'm desperately trying to be there for her, but because of past betrayal, she won't let me in


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  • Some people find it really difficult to open up to others. It seems like you’re at a point in your relationship where you are both starting to open up about stuff that you maybe haven’t talked about before and she probably has her own reasons for not opening up as much as you would like her to. You just have to keep doing what you’re doing by being empathetic and understanding, and show her that you are not like those other people who hurt her in the past. Girls know that a lot of guys and say they’re not like the others and it ends up being a load of bs, so to gain her trust you need to not only tell her you’ll be there for her but also show her that you want to, and she will come around.


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