He cancelled our night due to being ill but apologized and tried to get me to understand that he wasn’t making excuses. Just he’s really ill?

If he cares is he gonna go through the trouble of explaining that he’s not flaking and is really just sick? Said he had a massive migraine since the day before but apologized and proceeded to tell me he’s not making up the stereotypical excuse. Just really isn’t feeling well. All day he was looking towards our night but then cancelled a few hours before we were supposed to meet and he’s never cancelled before. So thoughts?


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  • He has a firm commitment to maintaining his engagements and felt bad he missed one.


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  • Ask yourself how often he does this.

    In this case he does seem to be genuinely sick.
    For me personally I never expect too much bc I don't want to be disappointed.


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  • Sound like you have issue and you need get over them or no one in this world well want be with you
    Dispointment happen you got deal with it but you seem not too

  • I don't know. Go check up on him if you're so worried.


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