Why does my boyfriend like photos of random girls?


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  • Like how random? On Facebook I follow pin-up models and cosplayers. I liked them even though I'm in a relationship. If I enjoy the content might as well give them a like.

    • Yeah. Totally, random :/

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    • Lol, maybe if my boyfriend did these things - I️ wouldn’t be so hurt !

    • I would talk to him then. Just say hey I just want to know that you care for me. I just want not only hear it but feel it. Because I care about you and I want you to feel it as well.

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  • Need more context: Are they nude pictures? Selfies? is he IN the pictures with them?

    • Some of them have been “suggestive photos”. A lot of them are selfies. No, he isn’t in the photos. He doesn’t know these girls!

    • Um yea that's pretty weird. I don't have photos of random girls I don't know. As to why he has them... probably because he thinks those girls are hot?

    • I'd say it's fine if their models or Celebrities.

  • Because guys are visual creatures. We like looking.

    • Why do if it hurts your girlfriends feelings though?

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    • Doesn’t matter lol. If he wouldn’t do it in real life, why do I️t on social media? 🤔

    • He will look in real life, too.

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