When he just talks about himself?

stmt out with a guy I've known for a while who's been pursuing me hard. Î was ambivalent, but then I decided to give him a chance. We went to dinner and he just talked about himself. It was just, see, in rally interesting and cool. Nothing introspective at all. Î like introspective and deep conversations, and usually we have those. Î decided to write him off, but he just texted me this amazing Tom Waits song. It's deep. Should I give him another chance?


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  • I've done the same but just because i thought i mite be boring the woman i was with. Tell him how you feel and he will change. Some of us need coaching to put it simple. But if he is sending you lyrics he's either really into you our music. Probably both lol Good Luck

    • It was a video. It's both. It's been obvious to everyone that he's been chasing me for months. Lol!

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  • Nope, everybody can find and send a song to come off as deep and complex.
    I think you know he's not for you.

  • Yes, you should definitely go out again with the guy you clearly didn't care for before you went out with him (why? just to shut him up or cuz you didn't have a better offer?), who then managed to both annoy and bore you in a single evening. You definitely need to spend more time with that guy.

    • Sarcastic much? We have been friends for years. Not this close, though. He will always be my friend. And I do like him. Î don't go out with men just to go out with men or get a fee meal. I'm busy. I have a full life. I am discernment about who I let in it on San intimate level. I'm discerning. Perhaps you might consider that not all women are like the ones who obviously broke your heart.

    • Sarcasm is definitely my mother tongue. Frankly, you only pointed out 1 quality attribute in your original post; a single song. I'm betting if he seemed shallow and self important for an entire evening, he didn't send you that song for the same reason you appreciated it. But if he's your pal, you probably already know what you need to know to wrap this one up.
      By the by, of course I know not all women are like the ones who broke my heart. The rest are either relatives or would have nothing to do with me in the first place. I'm jaded, not stoopid. 😂

    • with a great sense of humor... so there's that.

  • I guess he was out of the loop and tried to impress you by talking about himself, wrong move but deserves another chance.


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