Girl seems to pretend to like the same things I do?

So met a girl on Tinder who seems really nice and really cute. Problem is, its begining to feel like she's pretending to be into the same things I am. I mention im playing a video game I really like or how im super into a book series and she's 100% into them as well. Which at first sounds like anyones dream girl but when I pry the conversation she gives super general answers or when she does go in depth it feels like she googled whatever we were talking about and went off what popular internet threads say (ones I've seen). I mean I guess its good she's interested enough to do that sort of thing but it bothers me a bit. How can I make it clear its okay to differ in opinion or not know of something?


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  • Tell her.
    I used to have the same problem with a girl.

    • Tell her in a nice way, so you don't break her heart.
      I mean she's crazy about you, and would do anything for you

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