Sex or too fast?

I have been with my girlfriend for 1 month now. I want sex she wants sex but she wants it more than me. Should I wait for a special occasion (BIRTHDAY in 1 month or just go for it?(also we are both 16)


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  • Are you guys legal to have sex in your country? And no offense to your girlfriend, but 1 month is way too fast to have sex. Honestly, there are some girls out there who would get together with a guy just to have sex and break off after that. I suggest that you take a step back, calm your hormones down, and assess your girl. Even if she's the decent type, both of you guys are under 18 and not to mention, if the girl is pregnant (using protection does not guarantee that you won't have a baby), would you take responsibility?

    • First of all no offence but protection is 100% guarantee is you use it correctly. She is really concerned if we have sex I will break up with her (which I will not do)

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