Was he just drunk talking? Or was he forreals?

Coworkers basically. We rarely ever talk together. I've alway thought he hated me because he talks to everyone but me. And sometimes he'll make fun of me, something funny though, nothing bad. But tonight a bunch of our coworkers went out for one of our mutual friends birthday. Hotel party they called it. He got drunk. He kept trying to hug me and kiss me. But I found it weird so I avoided everything by pushing him away and telling him to stop. At first I was like this guy cannot like me, he doesn't even want to talk with me wth. But he kept trying kiss me and stuff. Then at last he says, "I have feelings for you". And he stopped trying to kiss me and hug me after that. I didn't say anything back, because he's drunk. So thats just drunk talk. Right? So confused.
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  • If he can't say the same while sober, don't mind him.

    • Thanks will take that advice

    • I'm not sure about that. It's very possible those are his actual feelings and he doesn't say it sober because he doesn't want to get rejected then have to continue working with her. I'd say if you're into him talk to him while he's sober about it to see if he will say it sober.

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What Guys Said 2

  • Shit I say drunk is always shit I don't say because me being logical tells me not too and my drunk self makes all decisions based off emotion. It's generally more honest when I'm drunk and stuff I don't say because it's illogical to tell them because of one reason or another.

  • Yes dear when people talk in drunk it's a heart talk. Bkoz they don't in state of mind to use mind. Whatever they have in heart they spoke when they drunk.


What Girls Said 1

  • They say drunk words are sober thoughts


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