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So my friend is dating this guy for almost in year and she loves him. But then she meets this guy at a party and they talk more and she's tried her best to stay away from him. And ofcourse she lets herself down. And they don't sleep together but they kiss and all that. And it ended shortly and this guy is still in her life and she's still deep down got these feelings when she talks to him. Even though all she ever wanted was to be with the one she loved. It's such a cliche story. A guy who she has much chemistry with. And the other who is this perfect man. What do you make it this and her position?


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  • I think these girls are stupid, sorry. You know a guy for 1 full year and you know what to expect and you have deep feelings for him. But you throw it all away for a "perfect man" who she met at a party.

  • Bs basically cheating so leave him simple


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