When did not being exclusive become the default?

What I mean by this is that when dating these days whether you start having sex or not, until you actually have the discussion about exclusivity it is viewed that both parties are free to do or see who they want, and if the person you are dating sleeps with someone else you are viewed as unreasonable for being upset or disappointed about it, and even after you become an item if you learn your partner had sex with someone else AFTER you started dating your viewed as insecure if that makes you not want to see that person anymore. But it used to be the opposite, it used to be that if you wanted to play the field the onus was on you to tell the person you were dating BEFORE you had sex with them that it may not lead to anything and if the other person agreed then that was where you stood. and once the sex started it was assumed it was only with each other, unless one of you said otherwise before the sex started.
When did dating people one at a time stop being the default.
When did not being exclusive become the default?


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  • Yea... i remember those days. when people used to actually TALK to each other. Now, everything is assumed. then they bitch when they find out different.
    Do you know that I've seen (and been in) a situation where a guy has taken a girl out on several dates... and then when he tried to up it a notch, is told that they weren't "exclusive"... i was fucking stunned... are you kidding? it was exclusive enough while having a good time right?

    Back then, after a couple of outings, people just stuck to one another or someone asked the specific question if they wanted that boyfriend/girlfriend label... its not that way now. men either don't ask because they wanna keep their options open, and women don't because... women. Never want to initiate shit.

    I just walk the fine line... i say all my shit up front to women lol... i really do.. and it fucking PISSES them off which i find fucking hilarious. I remember a couple years ago when this girl was trying to be exclusive with me and i explained my "90-10" theory to her (more info in my Take "studs vs sluts") and i told her that if i want sex... and she doesn't... i won't pressure her. and she took it to be a nice thing... then i hit her with the second half "... but if you reject me, thats fine, i'll just pork someone else"... and she got PISSED.
    But it makes absolute sense... if you say no... you technically can't do it right?
    If the store you always buy your groceries from stops selling groceries... does that mean you stop eating? NO... you find another fucking store hahahahaha.

    Im so tickled... im so simplistic...
    What? im not gonna torture myself just because some cunt is "... not in the mood"... i solve the problem... quickly too.
    I hate Vals day.. dont give a shit about it, but she likes it.. so i participate... you think thats not a sacrifice? but yet she can't sacrifice for me? she can go fuck herself.

    People don't communicate anymore... and even worse.. people don't sacrifice anymore... everyone is just out to get theirs and its funny to watch.. Been seeing a lot of women cornering the sex market... holding the vagina hostage till they get what they want... sigh... i admit.. i love cheating on those morons. what? they started it...


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