Why are most pretty girls skinny?

I don't discriminate based on weight, I actually prefer curvier girls more than skinnier ones, but it seems that most pretty girls are skinny. Has anyone else noticed that? It looks like heavier girls are less likely to take care of themselves and they become unattractive.


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  • First time I hear that.
    For me it's always been the opposite.
    I am chubby and been told I have a pretty darn cute face (some who don't like chubby people even tell me I would be soooo perfect if I lost some weight (the nerves!)).
    But I agree that some heavier girls don't have nice faces but so do lots of thin girls...
    I don't know about taking care of themselves... it's a big assumption to imply that all fat people don't take care of themselves but it does make some sens. They are technically treating their bodies in a harmful way so I guess it might be true?
    Can't tell!


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  • says who?

    • This is my observation based on hundreds of random people on the street. In 90% cases the pretty girl is skinny.

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    • What are you trying to say here? You have a pretty skinny girl on your avatar.

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    • There is no evidence of that. You consistently find thin women pretty ergo you prefer thin women.

    • Are you trolling me?

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