Girls, How do I start a long distance relationship with someone I've met once? Am I on the right track?

I'm kind of dense when it comes to reading signals. Even denser when trying to decipher them in text. Do I have a chance with this woman? How do I even start to ask her out? Is it too soon to ask her out? She's in Australia and I'm in the US.

So I met a woman in Tokyo at a Halloween party and after a short chat she join me and a friend to go clubbing across town. She floors me when she tells me to put my money away as she buys the first round of shots. I split up from her to let her do her own thing in the club, I don't want to crowd her, but we keep gravitating to each other. We finally dance together and it becomes magical. The music slows and I put my hands on her hip. Hers are around my neck. As we move in rhythm, we stare deep into each others eyes and it becomes like a scene from a movie. Nothing else exists around us. So close that our lips practically touch but never do. A hour later I lose her to her friend and me and me friend leave.
I text telling her we're leaving, to be safe and I'd love to see her again. Another hour later she text saying she got back safe and would love to meet up and hopes I got back safe. We never met up again while there, timing never worked out, but we have text everyday since give or take 3 or 4 days and video chatted once. It's been almost 2 months.
She responds to every message except 3 that were kind of crap messages looking back on them. My texting skills can use so work lol! She hasn't started a conversation but she did say that she wishes she was less shy in previous talks. Every other reply has a haha or lol in it so I think I'm at least entertaining her.
Now you are all caught up. I really like her and I really don't want to mess this up if I have a chance. Thanks for reading and any responses you may have!
Serious responses please. I don't want to here long distance relationship are impossible when plenty of people have done it. Thanks


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  • I think you need to just coax her into a serious conversation after some casual talk if she's shy... be open to anything she says and if you're worried you might be misinterpreting it please just ask for clarification but make your feelings clear gat you're not messing around with her.

    • I mean if she feels like you're genuine I'm sure she'll start to open up more, maybe she's just not 100% sure of your intentions just yet as many guys like to talk, it's actions as well as words that are the proof.

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  • You guys need a telephone call, and for you to tell her about how much you enjoyed that night, like you did for us 😊 I'm thinking a phone call is less awkward that face timing, but a Ste up from text.

  • I think both of you need to communicate as to what you both want in a relationship and then make practical short-term goals to get there. Good luck!

  • You don’t.

    • Why do you say that?

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    • Do you start every relationship living together? You text, call and go on dates first. Only difference is most of our dates would be through video. I'm already not living in my hometown so it's not impossible for me to end up somewhere else.

    • It's pure fantasy. You're getting to know a fake version of her. You're going to "see" her for what, an hour or two a week? It's easy to present a false version of yourself for that short amount of time. It's not a real relationship. You're just setting yourself up to get hurt.

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