Give him a chance, although I'm not sure about my feelings?

There is this guy who likes me a lot, but i'm not sure what do I feel. I like him in a friendly way for sure, but I don't now if I want something more. Should I give him a chance, although it might not work that well, or just friendzone him? Wouldn't it hurt him more, if we started something and then stopped, because I found out, that I actually don't feel anything? Or maybe I would find out that I'm in love and I will never know, if I friendzone him.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • It would probably hurt him more, if you gave it a chance and find out that you don't like him that way after all.
    But I would say, go for it. You never know what life throws at you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Just Give It A Go, Never Know What It Could Be.


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What Guys Said 1

  • If you aren't feeling it then dont do it.. itll make things more awkward later


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't give him a chance.


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