Would girls be in a relationship with someone like me?

I’m a smart person who prefers to build rather than destroy I never betray trust and I love girls who love me for me. My friends are people I trust in a girl I don’t want a friend I want a Girlfriend. If I were to ever want to see other women I wouldn’t cheat and then leave you with abandonment issues and trust issues even though I prefer one girl not changing my mind. I prefer to empower people and make them feel good and forget about their self consciousness. The first things I see about a girl are her Hair Eyes and face I love girls with Red/Brown hair I like Blue/Green and hazel eyes. Instead of thinking about sex right away I prefer to build a real relationship and might sound corny but I prefer to cuddle. I like any type of music such as Rap and I like to be myself. I’m a force of empowerment never hurt people and I don’t like people that are toxic because if they are toxic they get cut off and that includes my family


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  • Yeah I would because of all the other things I've mentioned in your other questions. You'r
    e a loyal and caring person and you have an awareness of yourself and emotions and I feel we value some of the same stuff.


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