He Deleted me from Facebook and instgram suddenly I don’t know why?

I met a guy in a club in my vacation he was so interested in me at the beginning and he started texting me everyday even after i finished my vacation he keeps texting me , he is from another country when he knows that i am coming to his country soon but in another city not the city where he lives , he drives 3 hrs from his city to see me we spend really nice time only was one day date, then he keeps texting me then suddenly everything changed he started to ignore me and ignored my message , then after 3 months i had my new interview in his company in his city , I texted him that i will come soon to his city for attending the interview, he offered me to stay in his apartment, then I went to him i stayed in his apartment for 2 days first day he was super nice he tried to kiss me but I refused because there is nothing between us now he didn’t tell me that he still interested in me, second day he changed he went to the work and I texted him to ask him for something he ignored me , after I finished my interview I asked him if he will return me back to the train station as he promised me but he didn’t reply I keep wanting for him in his apartment then I told him i will leave by myself to catch my train he told me ok go because I have emergency at work, I couldn’t catch my train so back again to the apartment I found him he was so cold and nervous with me I don’t know why? Then I left since this time he didn’t text me and he keeps watching my stories in instgram, then suddenly he deleted me from Facebook instgram I don’t know why, I asked him he didn’t reply to me , today is his birthday should I text him or not i am still thinking about him, I really mad i wish to understand why he did that with me?
I don’t know if he wants sex only from me that is why he offered me to stay in his apartment , we already had a sex time in the first date but I refused in the second because he didn’t say that he likes ne
Should I text him in his birthday to try to contact again with him or just ignore him a forget everything?


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  • When you refused to kiss him, you ended it. You apparently decided there was nothing between you when he stopped texting but that may not have been the case.

    You may have hurt his feelings pretty badly and he decided it was easier to forget than to reminise.

    • I think you should reply and if you do, you need to resolve the issue and see if he has romantic interest or not. You can't just assume he thinks one way or another

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    • Thanks for help I will let you know what will happen

    • Thanks and best of luck.

  • He's either using you or has a wife.
    I'd just not waste my time with it.

    • To and we your updates question.

      If he's deleted you and you go out of your way to contact him it'll only blow back up in your face.
      Especially if you try to on his birthday.

      You're safer to just forget him and move on the greener fields.

    • I texted him yesterday I sent only “ happy birthday “ he replied in same time with “ thank you “

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