Did I Undo the progress of No Contact (was stood up)?

We've gone out before and have made out. She seemed interested in me initially. So basically this girl stood me up, but apologized 2x. She stood me up by not going on a date after agreeing upon it. Since then, she's seen me talk to hotter girls and i've been ignoring her.


Tonight i see her at the bar. She is with some guy. As far as looks goes, i look better by a lot. I KNOW for a fact that she is there just to make me jealous. I'm not going to explain it fully, but she is. She is standing right in back of me, as i order a beer. She is talking to the guy. I turn around and just look at her for a few seconds. I then leave and go to another bar. She's never with a dude alone. Usually she is with her friends.

I go back to the same bar and she is standing at the entrance with this guy. I catch her looking at me as i walk in. She looks away. While i'm walking, i just stop right in front of her and don't say anything. She waits a few seconds and she hugs me first. I hug her back and then leave. She doesn't bother looking at me or making conversation. The key here is she gave me a hug first and i didn't say anything. I just stood there for a couple seconds.

I'm NOT going to text her. We're going on break for like 3-4 weeks. Should i continue to ignore her as much as i can, including ignoring her presence AND texting? Or is what i did ok? I'm going no contact since she technically stood me up. I don't know if this helped me or set me back.


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  • She just playing game drop her like a bad habit.


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  • Dude. Time to move on. She stood you up twice and you are still interested? I'd be gone

    • She stood me up once. She apologized

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