I like her and I want things to work out, but Im nit sure how she feels. How do I have this talk with her?

I know for a fact this girl used to like me. She showed every sign and told me and all that.

I knew she liked me, but wasn't as interested at the time. As i kept talking to her, though, I realized i really do like her.

She was still showing all the signs, so i texted her and tild her i like her. She said she likes me too, but the time isn't right.

I said i understand, but i hooe we can do something in a few weeks and she said yes.

Its been a month and weve been very friendly with each other. Most of the time she acts like she really likes me, but she will also act distant or leave me on read every now and then.

We have natural convos and talk well together, and i make her laugh a lot.

Now I dont necessarily mind being friends with her, but i want to be something more, and the time has come to tell her this because i can't keep on guessing and playing games.

So how should i approach this. Im going to text her later tonight, and i want things to work out if they can, so what do I say to her and what response am i likely to get?


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What Girls Said 2

  • Explain to her that you want something more. It's hard to talk over text and is better in person but if that's what your comfortable with go for it. She might not want anything else and that's okay but that also means that you need to move on. Don't wait for her to like you back. You can still remain friends but don't let her take advantage of your feelings.

  • just go for it
    tell her you couldn't wait any longer and just want it out of your chest
    tell her what you feel and ask her if she's in
    im not sure about the answer tho because she might've changed her mind meanwhile
    you might wanna tell her that she can get some time to think about it if she needs it, cause you're ok with staying friends meanwhile


What Guys Said 1

  • Well you are lucky she possibly is dumping the other guy to be with you


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