Why he wants No distance between us?

He said he wanted no distance between us... Last time we met in a bedroom and he got aroused, but i told him to stop and he didn't proceed to hook up as i said him... He respected my boundaries, and from here i think he really cares :) am i right?
After meeting indoor, he requests me to give my consent to intercourse, he's hurt when i say no.. But he say's its okay...
Now he also asks me from some nude pics... What should i do?
During cuddling last time he offered me to marry him and took great care of my comfort... Is he really committed to me? Is he really sincere?


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  • ... you do NOT talk like an 18 year old.. is English your second language? whats your first?
    oh, your question...
    Umm... if he offered to marry and already takes care of you... fuck it... go for it.

    • Yeahh urdu is my primary language... But i cudnt understand the relation u mentioned between language and being 18 :P
      Thanks for ur advice.. I've gone through sex with him... All peaceful and comforting.. :)

    • lol at peaceful and comforting... shooting for "satisfying" would have been the shit.

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  • i'm sure he really likes you
    about the pics: you shouldn't send them only because you feel bad for saying "no" to having sex; dont do anything you dont feel comfortable with


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  • Well sorry to say... That he is clearly aroused by you... If you feel you are not ready you should not get in a isolation with him...
    This is not a proper foundation to assess if he will stay once you have sex with him... Have your parents even met ?

    • I've gone through the process of s** and he's still here with me... And that's really pleasing... Days have passed he's still the same

  • No he isn’t. He’s full of shit. If he really cared he’d never ask or push the subject. A guy will tell you anything and everything to get in your pants. Don’t believe me go ask your father


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