My dad doesn’t like my boyfriend (im a 19 year old)?

im 19 and living with my parents. I’m in college and am the only girl of four brothers.

I recently told told my dad I was dating a guy who was going to vocational school instead of a four year college. He wasn’t proud of that. This guy on the other hand is the sweetest guy I’ve ever dated. He’s treated me with respect and we enjoy being around each other. I’m not saying that while trying to be blind about being in a relationship. I can see he’s a sensitive and and kind hearted. He’s shown it.

My dad didn’t care regardless. My mom doesn’t mind that I’m dating him. She told my dad I’m just getting to know guys, which is true I guess. I don’t really plan marrying anybody anytime soon. But I enjoy having fun with this guy.

Recently I asked my dad if I could go out with him to a Christmas event tons of people from local towns go to. My dad said no because my boyfriend was gonna pick me up and didn’t want him to get too comfortable in coming here... what? I don’t understand.

can someone explain to me if I’m in a wrong, and my dads point of view?


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  • If you like the guy that's all that matters, don't let your dad control your relationship in any way

  • It sounds like your Dad has detected something about this guy that he does not like and does not approve of you being with him and at the same time you are his Daughter and he loves and cares about you and is going to protect you in every way he possibly can.

    You have 2 choices here.

    1). You can tell your Dad to go Fuck himself and continue to see this guy.

    2). If you really care about this guy pack all your stuff and move in with him and not have to listen to your Father's bullshit any longer.

    Good luck with this...

    • Is there no other option? Am I doing something wrong here?

  • Well every dad cares for her daughter honey. If he is damn serious with you.. tell him to get married with you. And see his reaction.

    • Haha he’s mentioned it before and isn’t scared of the idea, but we’ve only been dating for a few months so clearly not a thing in our minds.

    • Well at the end of the day it's ur life.. if u wanna fuck it sure go ahead.. and wanna save it then go with your dad's choice.

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