Getting mixed signals, help?

I met a girl on POF a couple months ago, and it seemed like we really hit it off. We text and talk on the phone almost daily. The problem comes in that we work opposite shifts, in opposite directions from each other. Also, she is super attached to her family, which is ok for me. it seems like anytime the last couple weeks when I try and find time to go on a date, or even just hang out she always has something going, even if I am asking 3 or 4 days in advance.

Am I just going crazy that she always sounds excited to talk to me, but can't seem to find time to see me?


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  • Yeah that seems shady. Have you two talked on the phone? Are you sure she's not a catfish?

    • Yes. We talk on the phone almost everyday, and have hung out/ been out on dates several times. This is all as of the last couple weeks.

    • You know, that's interesting then. I mean, maybe she's lost interest, but I tend to think that you'd know if you two weren't doing as well before this happened.

  • Rule 1. You don't meet people on this app. What are you crazy?

    She's obviously dodging you. You'll never meet, it's probably a dude or a beluga whale 🤣🤣


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