How do I get further with this girl?

Okay, so I know this girl for over 4 years and I really like her. We have the same humor, we both play games and like the same ones. And I have been meeting up with her several times and im trying to get somewhere with her, but im just not making any progress. Just like me she is lazy so I think if I ask her to meet too much she might find it annoying. I need advice cause I dont want to wait for much longer..


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  • Ask her out on a real date. Sounds like all you’ve been doing is hanging out like chums.

    • Most of our meet ups would been chilling at my house or at hers playing games and listening to music, but the it would be around 4 to 5 weeks between meeting or longer, wouldn't it be weird if I just asked her out out of the blue? Or should I meet up and ask her halfway or at the end?

    • Just ask her the next time you see her. Do something different and away from your houses. Worse that can happen is she tells you she likes things as they are. In that case you still have a friend. Maybe she’s waiting for you to ask her out. Not going to know until you try.

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  • See if you can take her to hang out not an official date just y'all hanging out maybe go to a amusement park play games eat then say at the end if you want to do this again we can and give her a kiss on the cheek and walk away after that I repeat WALK AWAY

    • Like I said, she is lazy and im not sure if she would want to. And there aren't any amusement parks nearby my hometown so it would be a trip with a lot of planning, and shouldn't there be friends joining for such a trip? Those things I dont have hehe..

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    • If she does be her friend when she sees that your their for her she might want more

    • I hope it won't happen

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