How girls think of friends with benefits?

I'm currently NOT trying to date or have my life intertwined in a relationship, but it seems I still have bodily needs.

I guess my question is. How do girls talk to someone they want to be friends with benefits, and us there anything I can do to make it easier?


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  • Here's the thing, as someone who has gotten into a horribly confusing friends with benefits relationship, just be clear. I started it with him, but since, it's crossed this confusing line of we have never talked about it or said that it was friends with benefits. Now it's just weird.
    So please, girls are cool with friends with benefits, but it both depends on the girl and establishing early that you don't want a relationship.
    My one regret is never talking about whether he too wanted just sex from the start.

    • When is a good time to tell them that? Because it seems to scare most away...

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    • No problem!
      If you have a sec, I'm having a confusing friends with benefits issue too. I'd love any thoughts!

      I can't link you two it since my account is new (dumb rule) but if you check out my user, I have one question posted. <3

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  • Girls want your emotions and/or your stuff. Be wise what you give her. Its never JUST sex

    • How to be wise about what I give her?

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    • Is there a way I can do this without hurting them?

    • Stuff. Girls like stuff. But it will probably hurt when u get bored and give stuff to soneone else. Girls are emotional creatures who like shiney things

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