Tell him I love him in person or over text?

If I tell him in person, he might feel obliged to say it back or might feel awkward. But means more.

or text him it which allows him to consider his response but isn't as intimate.

Im almost 100% he isn't feeling love yet


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  • Don´t ever tell someone you love them over a text the first time! Just don´t ! :-)
    It doesn´t seem serious nor very mature.

    • This is my gut feeling. But I struggle to talk about emotions, especially when people can see my face and I can see their reaction. Suppose I'm just scared

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    • Thank you, decision made. In person when the moment feels right

    • You are most welcome ! I am confident, that you when push comes to shove will be happy that you chose to overcome your fears and did it in person!
      Kudos to you for taking the hard road!

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  • Tell him in person so you can watch his face and see how he reacts. If you texted him, he could always lie and say he loved you back but you can tell if he’s being genuine if you do it in person.


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