Approaching random girls and figuring what to say?

Well just as the question says? How do you find things to talk about with a random girl, you have nothing in common with yet? It seems so difficult of a theory to grasp, to walk up and try to spark a relationship out of thin air. I am a really quiet person, even with my friends I tend to be quiet. Most times I am so used to asking questions and trying to get a conversation going. The downfall to that it some people might say it's an interrogation. I just don't know how some folks can talk about anything, I always think how does that get you to having a meaningful relationship? Maybe someone can help me with this problem. Other things I tend to think is that a girl always gets hit on by guy so how would I be any different. How can I get her to even give me the time of day?


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  • Say hi to her, compliment something she’s wearing, ask her for her name, ask for help with something


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