Nowadays, is it okay for a guy not to kiss a girl on a first date?

Him and I reconnected after like 7 years of not seeing each other. We’ve both have been busy with work, family obligations, holidays etc to hang out. So last night was the first time we’ve hung out after 3 months of talking. Him and I are both shy and last night we were together from like 10pm-3am.
He didn’t try and kiss me, and we didn’t hold hands but people around me are like raining on my parade saying that’s weird and we need “classes in first date protocol”. I was happy about how things went and he seemed to be as well. We talked about getting together again- but is it ‘normal’/ ‘okay’ that we didn’t kiss on the first date?


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  • Yes, of course... Plus it builds up the tension. I dont think he did it on purpous though but it was well played. Dont worry, he is interested.


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  • Its fine not kissing right away if you both are fine with it.


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