Guys, he told his grandma I was his girlfriend, but he has never asked me if I am yet?

He treats me well, we are like a couple, but in the past, he has been dating but not went into a relationship for years. So I think he s very used to and enjoying single life?
We broke up last year because I brought up "what are we" talk, and he didn't want a relationship. But when his grandma saw him sad, and asked him what was wrong, he said he broke up with his girlfriend.
So Im confused, does it mean he sees me as his girlfriend, but there is something he is afraid of if we are official? (one thing is we are both graduating, but not know where we will geographically be, but I want to at least make things clear, either enjoy the last couple months, or make a plan for us after graduating... )
He said he wanted to spend Christmas with me. (a little more background, he calls me, makes most of the plans, when i said im sad, he would call me, when I need him, he would come pick me up in mid night and he always offers to pay when we are out. )
I have not asked if we are exclusive, but my gut feeling never sense the red flag or doubt it.

I thought spending Christmas together would be appropriate to initiate the talk again, but I am not sure if I should wait for him bringing it up or do it anyways? What do you guys think?


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  • Even though you weren't technically boyfriend/girlfriend, he was still sad about what happened, and it was just easier to reference you as your girlfriend to his grandmother.


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