Why is he still looking at my stuff if he thinks I’m a joke?

So my “boyfriend” or a guy who I thought was my boyfriend bought me a plane ticket to go see him last week. We have been talking since May and we have seen each other before but we live in different states.

About two days before I was supposed to go see him I checked my email because I knew I had exams to finish up (I take online classes) so I thought that I was supposed to take the exams online to but turns out I had to go on campus and take two exams the week I was supposed to see him. I was very apologetic when I told him and also told him that I should of thought it through more because something always comes up with school and we should of seen each other after school ended.

He was refunded 115 dollars back in airline credit to buy a new ticket. His response to everything I wrote him was you’re a joke you’re pathetic you think I’m stupid it was nice knowing you enjoy yourself. We haven’t talked in a week and I took a break from social media but as soon as I posted something on Instagram he looked at it and continues to look at it. He also hasn’t unfollowed me.


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  • He'll be back if you want him to

  • Maybe he thought that you not coming was a sign you don't want to see him anymore? In his head it could have been a break up. Also just because he is still following you, it doesn't mean he is looking at your stuff :/

    • When someone views your story on Instagram it shows you who views it and he does.

    • Click it out of force of habit? Curious what you are upto, maybe it's worth asking the question - have we actually broken up?

      I wouldn't hold onto it though, long distance is insanely hard, maybe it's time to let go and block him out entirely?

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