Have any of you/ girlfriend beaten this?

I am wondering if any of you has beaten the 0.01 chance of having kid's from being told you cannot have any or small chance. I want to see if anyone has and see if I'm able to conceive


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  • I was told once that I would stay in wheelchair. I refused it with all my being. Long story short: now I can run 8 km in 1 hour.

    Small chance is still chance. Let not others disbelief set you down. I understand we are talking about different things, but, hope and faith are stuffs that work and we still don't know how they affects the outcome.

    Which is always we are talking about chances.

  • My sister, has 3 kids now. Took a ton of treatment to get the second and was told she couldn't have kids then 4 years later without trying or wanting she became pregnant with the 3rd.


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