I happen to be attracted more to older women (say 30->50 years old). Is that common? Then:do you think those women would enjoy a much younger partner?


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  • There's nothing wrong with it. When I'm older I would love to be like milf or something.


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  • I'm 22 & hooked up with a woman whose 47 just like, last month. It was fun, she liked me & my stamina.

    • Just to know, how did things go? :-) I mean how did you meet and so on...

    • I met her on an app called Whisper, & I sent her a dickpic. Well, first I did this song & dance like 'hey lady I've got mixed reviews about my dick size & want to get the opinion of someone who doesn't know me just because im not sure if the other girls were just being nice or mean about it' & then she let me show her my dick. She liked it, & we exchanged pics & I liked her face pussy tits & ass. For around four or five months we'd talk about random stuff but she lived very far from me & I didn't have money enough to fix my car enough to pass emissions testing, Finally I did & I went upstate to her house and gave her a massage, made out, & we fucked. She was the first woman I ever penetrated vaginally.

    • What a story, thank you!! So how far from each other were you (in km)?

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