Puts his friends first?

My boyfriend and I lately have been not been able to see spend too much time together due to me having a full time job and him in Pharmacy school. When we do see each other it’s usually once twice a week. We were together on Thursday night and Friday I was going to get out of work early so we had planned on getting together at night. As I was at work I reconfirmed the time we would meet and he agreed. Then as I was about to leave he texts me saying his friend asked him to go with him to run an errand and that I should leave the house in an hour. He said he didn’t realized it would take awhile. I was upset because he knows I had work at 6am the next day and didn’t want to be out late. I ended up cancelling plans. Did I overreact?


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  • Naw, you're good girl. A man seeks what he wants and that night we didn't want to be with you. Since you two are a couple, you're entitled to be mad.


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