Free Dating Apps for Singles?

Are there any free dating apps which r really worth.
Most of them I think r d ones , until u subscribe, they r of no use.
Would u suggest any?


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  • Go to the mall, choose random girl. and ask her out.

    • Rather she woul slap me.. if I do anything like tht.. :)

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    • Great. Keep going dude.

    • Anyway after you will so what i have told you to. You will start automatically build a confidence

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  • This one.

    • Oh really, here none of d girls r single.
      Either they r commtted or HV a bad past/relationship

  • Dating apps are useless.
    If you want to date use twitter and facebook😂😂

  • Stay off dating websites...

    • Why?
      And then he would get in touch with some1

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    • Firstly, women are bombarded with attention on the sites inflating their perception of worth.
      Second, profiles can be deceiving, anyone can embellish details, filter photos etc

      If you are really serious about meeting someone, I suggest going out in person and interact. You can weigh someone up far better in personal analysing text and profiles. Plus it will help to build social skills and confidence. Hope this helps

    • Thanks man.

  • Tinder, Okay Cupid, Plenty of Fish

    • Tinder is of no use. until u HV subscription

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    • Ok thanks

    • Good luck. May you find what you're looking for.

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