How can I get him back?

The guy 2 weeks of knowing him. The 1st week was amaaaazing. Then i dont kno wt happened changed and said he doent want it.
Then when i stoped he started text... then we spoke... he said he is not ready... nd had argument... tht i heard he won't talk anymore...
But he sent the next day..
And then stoped.. bxs our friend interfered...
Anyway now yesterday i sent him message that its not fair to treat me like tht bcs of another girl..
Nd tht i want smone tht kno wt he need
Later my friend called me saying if want to go out... nd tht he will mayb come...
I went to see him... nd i saw a text also tht im there nd t hurry
Nd he said ok in 10 mins so we go out
He cane he was ok but even refused to jang 9ut with me :(
I tried to b closer but he refused... now i feel i made few trials...
Now am at their place... didn't wake ip yet
Wt a guy think if a girl like him nd tries?
Wt to do? : ( i like him so
Wt made me go there tht he told me tht he asked him t tell me... pffffffff
Any suggestion?
I liiiiiike himmmmm
He thought i want sex only bfr which is not true...


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  • Honestly. If my girl texts like you. I wouldn't want a thing with her. But i don't want to be mean. Just try and if you see your efforts lead you nowhere leave. Nothing wrong with leaving.

    • Hhhhh im greek.. thats why... and i was in a hurry
      Sorryyyy xD
      Well will see...

    • Oh greek. Well there is me if he isn't right :p.

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