Is it ok that I know what I want in a women but at the same time I don't?

I have no experience in dating or relationships; i know what a girl would need to have to be attractive to me but at the same time i don't

I say i like a strong independent women who doesn't really need a man in her life but wants one; but when people ask me for more details (normally if they are trying to set me up with someone) i haven't the foggest idea about what to tell them because i don't fully know myself


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  • dw about it just go on dates and if u get along give it a go

    • If i could get dates...

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    • im just trying to help off the info u gave me but wen u got her phone number or another social media like fb or insta or snapchat u take a week maybe 2 talking to the person and then ask them out on a date

    • No see for me that's too soon, i normally wait around 1 month and or possibly two, i have to make sure that i'm not going to get hurt again

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