Would sexting before meeting up with him for the first time ruin his opinion about me?

So there is this guy i met through social media about a two months ago. We talked everyday, getting to know each other, random topics, nothing sexual. But the attraction was obvious. We were sending voice notes, videos, photos, calling each other talking for hours and texting all day every day.
I may sound stupid to some of you but i really got to feel as if he was something special and different. From the first day we spoke i felt like i have known him for so long, he said the same. We live far away and we haven't met.
But couple of days ago, while texting, things started heating up organically, and we ended up sexting. Few hours later we ended up having a phone sex. He wasn't asking for too much and he completely respected my limits when it was about kind of photos i sent to him. He was a bit shy about that himself. So he didn't ask for stuffs he let me give what i wanted to.
Next day he looked very interesting in repeating the same thing, so did i. This time i felt more comfy and i sent some more revealing photos but still not fully revealing and he didn't ask for more he embraced what i gave and once again respected my limits. Ofc we ended up having a phone sex again.
Iam not a person who does that on a daily bases, with random guys i just met online. I don't even meet people online at all. So i am very concerned if he might misunderstand all of this and kinda label me as a girl who does that easily and often. Yet i feel so weird to confess to him that this happened only with him because i really felt some weird connection and felt as if he was something else. I am afraid that this may ruin our chances of meeting and that this may affect the way he looks at me and probably starts seeing me as an easy to get girl or a girl who just takes nudes and sends on random numbers for
I really want to keep this communication going, and eventually arrive to meeting him in person. Can this what happened ruin my chances for that?
Would sexting before meeting up with him for the first time ruin his opinion about me?
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