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Hey all, I'm really bad with dating (only one girlfriend in the past and she asked me out) so I could use some help here. I go to a private high school (small class, 150 students per grade), and am a junior. There's this absolutely gorgeous, popular girl in my class who I literally never said a word to for the first two years (I'm not popular or considered cool). Two weeks ago I was sitting in the library and she came up to me and asked me for help on an assignment, and we started talking. I had to leave, but then on Monday she came and sat next to me in class and we talked a bit. Our schedules are completely different so I never really see her much (apart from this month), but then I sat next to her on Wednesday and she was really happy to see me and we talked a bit. I then saw her in the hallway on Friday and she was on the phone, but she smiled and said hi to me. After this month, I'll probably not see her much again. I feel like she might be attracted to me, but I have no idea how to initiate something. We have final exams soon, so I guess I could ask her to study with me this week? But then what? please help.


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  • okay to start with let me tell you i don't know much about dating but i am just giving my opinion of what i think... here you are not sure that she really likes you or not cause it could be like she wants to be your good friend... but then, it may be like she likes you and firstly wanna make you her friend... if that's so then first may her your best friend, by studying together or meeting outside with few common friends... make yourself comfortable with her in such a way that you both can share any secret with each other and then i think if you speak your mind, about what you think of her then you could get a big yes!!! but make sure to say when she is in no relation and just ask her what she think of you... just keep giving her signs that you like her!!! i think it may help you... but remember i don't know much just a opinion...


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