How to online date?

How to online date?
I have never done this before, never dated and thinking about giving online dating a chance sometime later when the studies are easing up or on standby.


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  • 1. Avoid selfies and get professional pictures taken. A full body pic, a good pic of your face with your eyes visible (no sunglasses!), a pic in a social situation, a pic of you doing an activity, and maybe a pic in formal attire (wedding, suit, etc.)

    2. No need to get overly creative with the profile summary. Just go over your interests, your profession, your goals, personality type (Myers-Briggs), what you are be looking for in a woman, and some cool facts about you. Some facts about yourself that a woman can latch onto and use as a conversation starter or to get a glimpse into who you are. Don't give away too much info though... same some mystery for the date (s).

    3. Don't answer too many of those questionnaires on the site. Once again, stay a bit mysterious.

    4. Always read women's profiles first before messaging. Don't shotgun prewritten messages to a bunch of hotties and expect some to answer. Pick one or two on each site a day and write up a message that comments or asks a question about her based on her profile content. Don't start with "hello" or "how are you doing?". Go straight into an observation and/or question.

    5. After a few back and forth messages, give her your phone # and tell her that DMs are easier than using the site. This way when you text her you will get her attention faster and stand out. If she texts you, you know she has some level of interest.

    6. Always suggest a planned date after one or two direct texts. It shows interest. If she turns you down because it is too fast for her, back off and let her chase you a bit. Let her get comfortable with you and then try again later.

    7. Never EVER show frustration to women. We all know dating and by extension online dating is a challenge (struggle), but positive vibes go a long way regardless of how awkward or rude things get.

    8. Give a complement via DM or text but only if it is geniune and not based on looks. Stay away from sexual comments or innuendos, at least until after a few dates and you get a feel for her tolerance level and flirting rapport.

    9. Don't ghost! You will have some women do this to you, but you are better than that. We men must lead by example. Be kind and respectful, but honest, assertive, and appreciative.

    10. Never be intimidated by a woman's status. She is only showing you her best side. She has flaws and insecurities too. Besides, dating is about discovery and we all need the practice.

    11. Keep first dates simple. Coffee, cocktails, or brunch.


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  • All I can say is good luck,! And if you want to, then you may want to keep a blog or journal to document your experiences with them. It won't be easy, it will be very difficult, it's just one of those things where your mileage may vary.

    • I don't see why I should record my experiences. I mean what for?

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    • I'd consider it but in my current area nobody even heard of yeschildfree or even tinder. Go figure, I'm in the middle of fucking nowhere. The civilization here is like disabled or left behind by 10 years.

    • Oh, and I don't believe in long distance relationships.

  • Don't bother. Most women will ignore your messages unless you're the top 1% of men.

    • Pretty much bro. That's the typical experience most average guys get. I recalled tryin them way back over ten years ago, really shitty experiences like that, so I gave it all the fuck up and said never ever again, fuck that shit!

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    • @JudgmentDay 100% agree. Women complain about all the attention they get but I don't think they realize how demoralizing it is not to be ever chased.

      Online dating only magnifies the problem.

    • I never felt better until I quit. I became disillusioned with all the bullshit anyway. And besides, I decided I'll pass on ever becoming a parent and having a family, so it's completely irrelevant and redundant to me at this point. I'd already expect that most girls want kids and family some day anyway unless it's one of those wild partying types but they aren't giod for relationships anyway. Although in my case, in theory, if a lady wants to tag along when I'm going somewhere to do something or see something, then they're welcome to tag along and be my guest and a witness of my experiences, as I wouldn't mind. But if they are hoping for and is looking for anything more, they only gonna end up really disappointed because they'll only be wasting their time and their efforts and are better off looking for another guy altogether.

  • don't bother


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