Is he just a flirt or what?

So I am absolutely lost.. Recently it was my friends birthday & I have had a crush on her guy friend. So we have talked a lot although he is kinda weird sometimes. I think he might suffer from depression & sometimes its like he pulls away from us. Anways we have been flirting a lot but then all of a sudden he pulled away & didn't talk to me much. Fastforward to my friends party. He kept hugging me & he would squeeze my sides when he hugged. & make other flirty comments. He took pictures of us together & posted them on snapchat. Then I saw him squeeze my friends leg & he would make comments of some girls legs. But when we were leavung he would still keep hugging me & i was sitting & he pressed his whole body against my back. At a moment he even put his hand over mine. I am just a little confused is he just a fuckboy. Cuz to be honest I really have feeling for him... thoughts?


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  • He likes you, I understand the awkwardness, I get that a lot. Personally, if I'm scared to mess anything up, i do that, sometimes just leave a situation because of it. I wretch myself over it.

  • Yup he is fuckboy...


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