Is she coming back?

My girlfriend and I dated for 2 months and then she broke up with me because she was stressed and overwhelmed about exams and home and needed time to herself and focus on her. She was really upset and I know she loves me and wants to be with me. We had the most amazing relationship and said I love you every day and had the best time. We kind of discussed if it's a mistake or what if she wants to get back together. We might talk about that later. We are best friends now and are giving each other some space. We had a gig together last night and we sat beside each other most of the night and even let our bodies touch. I asked her if I looked good since I didn’t shave and she said yes, but she liked me clean shaven because she liked my cute face. She wants me to send band recordings because she couldn't make it. She told me I looked really handsome on stage and I would sound great. When we were standing to bow, she moved from beside our drummer to beside me. We also talked about how we talked and stuff and how she never wants to see my rage. A lot was good. She also texted me saying "Please get home safe, thank you for being great tonight :)" I replied saying "I’m home safe. Hope you got home safe as well. I had fun. It’s always my pleasure. Thanks for being great as well :)" After, she replied again saying "Get some rest  goodnight " and I said "You too. Night :)" She also said she was going to tell her mom we broke up, but I don't know if she did because I went outside with them without a jacket and they both got mad at me and she told her mom that if I got sick that I would complain to her about it... but if her mom knew we broke up she wouldn’t say that because we need space. She said she was feeling less stressed today so maybe she doesn't want to tell her mom we broke up because she told her two weeks ago we were dating and it would be harder if we got back together to bounce around like that? What do you guys think of this?


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  • Sounds like you still have a good chance😊

    • Can you elaborate on why you think that?

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    • I finished the song! It's just written using computer software, but it sounds aight

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