From what I am experiencing... my boyfriend would love to get me pregnant. Is it the women that leave men when they get pregnant?

I’ve heard it’s mostly men leaving the women when they get pregnant but my boyfriend wants to have a baby if I do get pregnant but I don’t wanna get a prego right now. I wouldn’t leave him but then I thought. Was it my mother that left my dad when she got pregnant with me?
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  • People leave people when they are afraid of commitment and responsabilities, doesn't matter the gender. If you don't wanna get pregnant right now (which I think you shouldn't) let him know that, and make sure he understands that.


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  • He might leave.


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  • Both genders are equally stupid. A lot of women seem to do this so no I don't think its just men, plenty of men have spent years and more money then they have trying to be in their childrens lives.

  • Man! No one should leave no oneeee. And get the baby with both of y'all being on the same page... And don't think about moms and dads and what not. Those things ain't matter cz they buried with the past

  • Get married before prego so u have ur insurance if he planning on leaving 😁

    • I’m not prego! XD I’m just asking what gender leaves more if their is pregnancy involved. My mom left my dad. But some most one night stand leave the women.

    • Well it depends on the both, if they truly loved each other they won't leave but ur dad might have some problems so ur mom might didn't wanna burdens on him her pregnancy

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