How to talk to a girl?

I never tried to flirt with a girl all my life. I ain't good looking too. And I don't find good (as in character) girls around me. So if i find a girl of sound character and I want to impress her what do I do? Any suggestions? All opinion s and suggestions are welcome.


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  • You talk to women the same say you talk to men. Most men I dated were my friends and we just joked around, talked about our favorite TV shows, the ones that appreciated my dad puns and would come up with their own, etc.
    They didn't try to impress me, we just acted like equals, like friends who have thing in common and like each others company.

    • I'm like that you don't impress each other but I don't think that's the stereotype in my country..

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    • Well , some people complain that I am a rebel, I'm sure I'm of good character. And since you're a woman tell me how would you like a guy to approach you

    • I put a lot of value on moral character. The men I've dated had pretty different personalities and looks, but they all had similar values. What made me gain interest in them was having great conversations about politics and literature and silly movies. I've never really gotten into people from a plain date where we talk about jobs and the weather. I like people with big ideas, even if they are dreamers and think way over the top. So for me, the only men that I've been interested in were the ones who were able to convey that in conversations. It takes a while to find someone likeminded. You can test them with simple jokes. (Current boyfriend was joking about a socialist revolution when I first met him, and taught me all about the history of his country, which I found really cool). A previous boyfriend had studied astrobiology and we talked about the multiverse.
      Not everyone will share your interests, which is ok. But as long as you're open and meet a lot of people, you'll find someone!

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  • Have a decent paying job, your own place, a car. You know? responsibility. A women wants a man who could take care of himself.

    • Do u think all women look for security before they like a man?

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  • Just act like it was a close friend from the start. A lot of contact, eye or physical. No harassing tho. And compliment her when you can. Without lying. So if you don't like something, don't lie for her. Depending on your relation with her you could tell her, but gently. She'd maybe even appreciate your opinion.

    Whew, that was big

  • Stay outside the "character" and be youself


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