Girl trouble... Help!! (Complicated)?

Well... I went through a break up from a rather long relationship 4 months ago and ever since then I haven't been able to go out with anyone... I asked a couple girls out, but then gradually blew it off maybe because I was having trouble with getting to know someone in that way again as I was too habitual of a stable relationship...
This current situation makes me feel alone (a lot) and makes me kinda desperate sometimes... On the other hand, sometimes I feel that all this is bullshit and I shouldn't be wasting my time on girls and stuff...
Even if I start going out with someone, I slowly stop putting in enough efforts due to the fear of rejection or non-reciprocation... I lose interest after a couple days...

There's nothing bad with my looks, my behavior or anything (I know I'm cute, see for yourself in the pics) ... But still I sometimes feel that girls don't get attracted to me so much sometimes...

The thing is, I know I want someone, who is a bit mature and can provide me with the support and affection I need...

What should I do?
How should I get/approach girls given my situation? Girl trouble... Help!!  (Complicated)?Girl trouble... Help!!  (Complicated)?Girl trouble... Help!!  (Complicated)?


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  • Well, you're confident and that's good, but you're perhaps forgetting that some things can't be solved by a significant other.
    I know that it's hard to be lonely, but perhaps you should let your love life take its own course instead of looking for someone? Try to meet some friends instead and eventually your half will find way to you in its own time :)


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