Can I trust her?

This girlfriend of mine... we didn't had money to go out that evening... so she connected a friend of hers... a male friend to send her some money... he and her dont have the same bank... it was a Saturday evening so it will be received on Monday. Me and him did have the same bank... so it would take minutes... we used my name and bankaccount.. when the money arrived i saw : for ashley... i was like who is ashley.. ashley is a fake name... i was like why a fake name? she was like yea its a guy from sexjobs. com... i was like WHAT and we used my REAL name and bankaccount... can i trust her? or was it my mistake?


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  • Depends, sounds like she's got quite a history. Did she explain in more detail how she knew this guy?

    Either way, I'd tell your bank to be on the lookout for fraud...

    • i send the money back immediatly... witha nore saying : your transfer was wrongly send ask your immediants for the right bankaccountnumber.

    • she knew the guy from sexjobs. com

    • Smart move, I'd also notify your bank directly though. Regarding trusting her in the future, there's nothing wrong with that line of work, I'd just make her handle everything relating to last clients. She knows how it works, and she'll be able to manage the risks a lot better.

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  • You fucked up. Get away fast and forever. Close that account and tell the bank so they can watch for suspicious activity.

  • lmao id be pissed

  • you can't trust her

    • why? she did apoligized afterwards

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    • what? explain in details

    • Thats her sex worker name, it only makes sense to use that name. She was probably embarrassed to be working as as prostitute for some extra cash.

      Nothing much to be suspicious about. What do you mean can you trust her? you needed money for that evening and she got it for you

      why u trippin homegirl

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