How often do you think about someone you like/crush?

Guys when you have a crush on a girl you like how often do you think about them in a day if you are away from them or haven't spoken recently?
And what are the ways to keeping a guy interested in you for the long run?


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  • It kinda depends. If I haven’t talked to her in awhile then I’m not normally thinking about her. But if I’ll see her occasionally and then I’m thinking about her for awhile after that. To address the second part of your question do you just want to keep him interested or date him eventually?


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  • I do not anymore I have a boyfriend and a son now to think about


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  • Normally as soon as I open my eyes then to busy for the rest of the day

  • u won't be able to keep him interested cuz

    • Cuz?

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    • If u are not ignoring him then he won't loose interest

      How, long reason can't explain in single reply

    • Thanks for the advice

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